‘How much does it cost?’ is usually the first question couples ask when contacting me, and this is a perfectly understandable question. Most people have never booked a DJ before and budget is naturally at the forefront of their minds after all wedding DJs are all the same aren’t they?

That’s like saying all venues or wedding dresses are the same and as you well know they are not.

I honestly believe that the best way for you to get an idea of whether I’m the right DJ for your wedding is to meet with me, ask me questions, get to know me a little and talk to me about the kind of wedding you want to have.

My aim is to work with you leaving no stone unturned in delivering that dream wedding to you – a wedding that you and your family and guests will be reminiscing about for many years to come.

My service is 100% bespoke and starts with a no-obligation, face-to-face meeting. Contact me to put this process in motion.

As a guide, most evening receptions local to Torbay cost between £250 and £700. All day weddings cost between £495 to over £1200.

"All day" packages include the following:

"Evening" packages include:

All packages include:

Optional extras:

For information on special offers or to arrange a consultation please contact me