Booking information:

Of course. In fact for weddings I insist on meeting with you both to find out your dreams and how we can work together to achieve them, planning every detail to ensure your wedding is an unforgettable and fun celebration.

Yes, if you live locally or within 30 miles of Torbay I can visit you before booking. Because I cover the whole South West, I am no longer able to visit you at your home or venue further than 30 miles away without applying a nominal fee of £30 to cover fuel expenses. This will of course be deducted from your fee should you book me.

The short answer is “no”. The reason for this is because I only perform at private functions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate gigs. These are not public events and therefore it’s not right or proper for me to invite potential future clients to my current clients wedding receptions. I do however have lots of very satisfied clients who have kindly sent me cards and letters over the years showing their appreciation for the great service that I provide. These are on the web site, so don’t take my word for it see what my clients say about me.

As long as possible to secure the date. Some of my weddings are booked over 2 years in advance and most well over 9 months. Please remember I can only do one event a day.

Yes I do. Contracts provide peace of mind and protection for all parties. It shows in writing what I will provide, the performance times, the total fee and any other information. As part of our ongoing improvements and to help the environment, I now send e-contracts. I will send you an email with your contract attached and you will be able to electronically sign the contract within seconds. You don’t need any special equipment other than your keyboard. Once your contract is signed you will be sent a copy straight away to your email address. If you prefer I can send you a conventional paper contract.

My reputation, in over 30 years I have never let a client down. If there was some dire emergency, I have many contacts in the industry and through my memberships of the National Association of Disc Jockeys, The Wedding DJ Alliance, the Alliance of Mobile and Party DJ’s, I have access to many more.

Yes. Upon making your booking and signing your contract, I will require a deposit of £100 to secure your date. This will be deducted from the total booking fee. I accept cash, cheque, BACS or Paypal for your convenience. A receipt will also be sent out to you for your records.

The balance must be paid 28 days prior to your event date. Although you may pay in part or in full any time before this date.


No. I am a full time professional DJ providing a high standard of service, backed up by top of the range equipment as well as being fully legally compliant. The only people able to provide cheap discos will be enthusiastic amateurs and I do not try to compete with them. Amateur DJs do a great job for pub quizzes, but I strongly recommend using a professional for your wedding.

Simply, I provide a premium service aimed at discerning clients who want the very best for their wedding or civil ceremony. If price is your primary concern I am probably not the DJ for you! There are plenty of cheap DJs but very few really good ones. Think of it like this, we are far more Rolex than Timex. I have also put together some related services such as venue up-lighting, a 4 watt laser, silk flames, etc. to further enhance your wedding, coupled with top end equipment, skill and years of experience in the wedding industry. Each year I attend seminars, conferences, trade shows and meetings related to my services so that I can learn new skills and keep up to date with the industry. I keep the party going whilst incorporating your favourite music, all with a modern clean appearance and presented in a clear professional manner. Choosing the right DJ for your event can be absolutely fundamental to the overall success and the conclusion to your special day. My fee reflects the quality, presentation, professionalism and the time involved ensuring that I make your day special, memorable and unique to you.


In a word experience (since 1978), in an industry dominated by part time amateurs, I am a full time professional. Approved by Devon County Council Trading Standards (the first in the whole south west) and holder of the top industry recognized Platinum DJ Mark award since 2012 (also the first in the south west). I am also one of a very select group of DJ’s that have been allowed to become members of the Wedding DJ Alliance; there are only 136 members as of 2013 in the whole of the UK. Do you really want to risk the success of your event by booking someone with limited knowledge and experience?

Rest assured, as a full time wedding professional and someone who takes a great deal of care and pride in the appearance of my show I use some of the very best equipment available. All of my equipment is professional and specifically designed for its intended use. I have spent many thousands of pounds ensuring that the music and lighting is of the highest standard for your wedding or civil ceremony. Manufacturers such as Bose, Pioneer,Dell, S & H, and Martin to name a few.

Yes and I offer a unique money back guarantee if my sound goes off. I also carry spare equipment to ensure that your function will carry on. In fact the only way it will stop is if the electricity is cut off. Can the others offer this level of service?

Yes, I bring a second computer to every event. I also use Pioneer CDJ 2000 CD players as my main controllers. I still bring compact discs in mp3 format with more than enough music to complete a night. You are welcome to bring any CD’s of your own, if you wish. I can easily fade and mix between the computer and a CD. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the computer and a CD.

Yes £10,000,000 cover with the certificate available online, arranged through the NADJ.

Yes I have £10,000,000 PLI arranged with the National Association of disc jockeys and all my equipment is tested annually

No, I do not. I used to many years ago, but stopped it as I found it tended to disrupt the flow of the events (and there is only so many times you can hear a song murdered!)

Yes I have a Produb licence reference PD-0000172 I was the 172nd person in the country to obtain one. It is renewed annually.

Not if it is set up correctly. If a limiter is set too low or the pick up mic is in the wrong position they can be a pain but I have yet to come across this problem, This is one of the things I check when we meet at your venue along with electrical safety and any health and safety issues.

I can wear what you want either a tuxedo or smart black trousers black and short sleeve shirt with the company name on it. Although when hosting your event an evening suit is more appropriate

10. Entertainment is not that important at a party.

72% of all brides say they should have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. During the wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer. Reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities.

Within one week after the reception, 78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority! When asked, 81% of the guests say the thing they remember the most about a wedding is the entertainment. Good entertainment is not only the most important part of a reception or party it’s also the most critical part of it, just ask any former bride.

9. To be a DJ all you really need is a few CD’s and a home stereo system.

A professional DJ should have an in-depth knowledge of music from the last 70 years covering all styles of music. Many times guests will make requests at an event without knowing either the correct song title or artists, a DJ must have the ability to figure it out. There is a massive difference in home stereo equipment and professional grade sound equipment.

8. All the equipment fits in the back of his car.

Unless it’s a very small rig or a very large car it takes a van to move around Professional DJ sound systems and lighting. Professional quality gear is big and heavy. It does not fit in the back of a typical passenger car.

7. Set up is easy and it only takes 15 minutes.

A professional DJ will take up to 2 hours to set up a sound and dance floor lighting system. There is more to it than just plugging everything up, it takes time to sound check and adjust dance floor lighting hide and tape down all the wires etc. At Some venues it can take longer because access is hindered by lack of a lift, ramp or parking proximity.

6. Good parties just happen.

Good parties don’t just happen. It takes planning and guidance. A professional DJ will know through planning and consultations what your music and entertainment needs are before your event. A professional DJ will meet your music and entertainment needs and through timing and years of experience know how to entertain your guests.

5. It takes no training, anyone can do it!

If a DJ makes his job look easy, it is because he has learned his craft one way, through years of experience. There are no formal training institutions, training facilities or schools for mobile DJ’s. Anyone can learn the control functions of most CD players and computer software programs. However, a professional smooth presentation, the ability to read any crowd and music mixing takes years of being behind a DJ booth to master. If it were that easy, anyone could do it.

4. DJ’s have a lot of fun at parties and get paid for it.

DJ’s are NOT guests at parties or event. They are working under pressure and have a huge responsibility for the outcome of the event. People often rank their weddings as the most important day of their lives next to the day their children are born. Yet some will give this responsibility to the LOWEST BIDDER. The stress levels and expectations run very high during these events. After all the planning and expenses are invested the ultimate outcome of a wedding is placed almost solely in the hands of the DJ.

3. DJ’s only work for 4 to 5 hours.

If only that where true, the length of a party, wedding reception or any other event is only a small fraction of the time a DJ invests in that event. It is the only part that YOU see. Driving time, consultations, equipment cleaning and maintenance, music library sourcing and updating and the daily routine of running a business are all critical in making the show a success.

2. Why pay a lot of money for a DJ a cheap DJ is just as good.

Not to say that a high priced DJ automatically equals great entertainment. But

Remember the sayings “if it sounds too good to be true” or “you get what you pay for”. If a DJ quotes you a low price for a wedding reception or party, question him, probably it’s just a part time hobby for him to pick up a few extra pounds on the weekend, and he won’t be too worried about his reputation or repeat bookings . A full time professional DJ service will have spent many hours preparing for your event and if they are anything like me their reputation will mean everything to them. There is so much that goes into putting together professional entertainment for a wedding reception and it’s not something that you can just show up and wing on the night.

And The Number One Misconception about Mobile DJs Is

1. They are all pretty much the same anyway.

To say that DJ’s are all alike is to say that people are all alike. Never assume that recorded music levels the playing field. Personalities on the microphone can vary as much as a singers’ voice. Experience and music knowledge can make a huge difference. DJ’s have their own unique style. A good DJ can adjust his style to fit the event. A disco at a School prom should be very different to that of a Retirement Dinner Dance or a Wedding Reception for a couple in their 30’s. Experienced DJ’s know the difference and you should be aware of the many subtle and substantial differences that distinguish a true professional Mobile DJ Entertainer.


Based in South Devon, I cover the whole of the South West of England, but I can do events further afield if required.

I use a modern sign written van fully serviced to well above manufactures specifications with full AA relay cover to ensure forward travel to your venue. I also use a top of the range Tom Tom satnav.


As soon as possible and certainly six weeks prior to your event to ensure I have them.

Simply the music you want with over 30,000 tracks and my experience I can meet any requests you and your guests may have.

I have a subscription to CD Pool which sends me new music every 2 weeks so I am always up to date. My music collection is quite simply massive, covering music from the 1920’s to unreleased chart hits in genres ranging from dance to classical. If you need a track I do not have I will source it for you, although this happens very infrequently these days.

The answer in short is no. Whilst obviously I will make important announcements in a clear modern fashion, I do not talk over all the songs. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves and not listen to me! I will interact and create an atmosphere, but once the party is in full swing – I will let the music take over.

Yes if that is what you really want but I do reserve the right to announce over the mic that it is not my idea, I do get a lot of clients that say absolutely no cheese or boy bands etc that’s OK but remember a little cheese is good for the soul after all after a few drinks it is what most people dance to.

I play at a level suitable for the event and the time of night, unlike most disco’s I am far more concerned about the quality of the music than sheer volume but I can still make your ears bleed if you want me to.