Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Black Tie Events. Whatever type of function it is that you’re planning, the right music can play a very important part in the success of the event.

Good events will be remembered years from now. If you think back to all the great nights you’ve had over the years, it is highly likely that one of the factors that contributed most to the success of the night was the entertainment.
If you are looking for great entertainment with a reliable, professional DJ that you can depend on, then you need to book Black Box Disco.
You may find plenty of DJs around who are far cheaper than me, but there are few who are better. My key strength is an ability to “read the crowd” and know which is the most appropriate track to play next. I continuously monitor the guests at every event and gauge their reaction to each track played. The Black Box Disco roadshow contains the latest sound & lighting equipment, which combined with over 30 years experience is guaranteed to be a success!
Not all DJ’s have the ability to play the right music for the guests at the right time. It’s all very well having the right equipment and lighting, but neither of these will keep guests dancing all night on their own. My extensive knowledge which covers an enormous range of musical genres, coupled with my substantial DJing experience, consistently results in busy dancefloors all night long wherever I work and I can say without hesitation that there isn’t a DJ anywhere who is better at that than me.
If you would like chat on the phone with me about your event, then please do not hesitate to call me on 01803 665118